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Submission for Freelance Project. In the process of being approved.

There is a new Hot Wheels track set that allows kids to race against one another.  The winner’s car gets channeled into a special area where it hits a jump, attaches a pair of wings and soars a loop to loop then lands.


Please provide a list of your top 10 names (min)


To me, the main features of the race track are that you can race against each other, the wings, and the loop to loop, so these names tried to reflect those features.


(All names start with “Hot Wheels”)


  1. Mach One Motorway
  2. Speed Demon Alley
  3. Sky Car Super Loop 
  4. Super Loop Launcher
  5. Super Loop Speedway
  6. Flash Alley Speedway
  7. Battle Royale Raceway
  8. Super Soar Race Royale
  9. Ace in the Hole Raceway
  10. Battlecar Gallactica
  11. Light Speed Launchpad
  12. Birds Eye Battle Royale Raceway
  13. Phantom Flight Battle
  14. Flight Zone Speedsters
  15. Topsy Turvy Trackster
  16. Super Looper Speedway
  17. Ace Racer in the Hole
  18. Squirrely Swirl Speedsters
  19. Phat Phlying Phastway
  20. Power Flight Raceway


A list of 3 possible tag lines.


  1. Where the winner takes flight!
  2. It’s a car, it’s a plane, it’s a race track!
  3. The race that defies space!
  4. The race beyond the space!


Inset copy for photos of the 3 main features.



         Supersonic Wingspan

         Increased Airflow

         Sky Glider




         Amazing Inversion

         Gravity-Defying Turns

         Double Loop Action


Two Person Race:

         Dual Racing Action

         Power Challenge

         Battle Royale